My sex, my sexual health

You've probably heard that STIs are on the rise among gay and bisexual men. Wooh!

STIs are annoying but they are also a fact of our (sexual) lives. Plus, they don't seem likely to just vanish anytime soon: throat gonorrhoea, shantay you stay. 

If we're going to have any hope of reducing infection rates, we need information on how gay and bisexual men understand STIs, including ways of preventing and managing them. 

Recruitment for this study is closed; thank you to everyone who took part. Participants were involved in a month-long anonymous forum, discussing issues around sex and sexual health. By contributing their experiences and perceptions, participants have helped inform health initiatives into the future. 

Findings and recommendations

If you’re curious about the findings and recommendations produced by this research, please click the following links to download a full or summary research report.

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The Researchers

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Dr Denton Callander, Senior research fellow

Dr Denton Callander, Senior research fellow

This study was led by Dr Denton Callander and supported by Ms Larissa Lewis from the Kirby Institute.

This research was conducted in collaboration with ACON, STIs and Gay Men's Action Group, Centre for Social Research in Health, Positive Life New South Wales, and the New South Wales STI Programs Unit.

Funding for this research came from the New South Wales Ministry of Health. 

Ms Larissa Lewis, Senior research assistant

Ms Larissa Lewis, Senior research assistant